Hiya and a warm welcome to the Complete Survival Course Blog plus lots more.

This may well be the best medium by which to get all the notes, knowledge and experience I have collected over the years sorted and arranged which in turn will provide a complete survival course plus much more for you.

My first SF Survival Instructor told me that his survival kit consisted of 200 cigarettes and £50 in local currency, which wasn't exactly true but did make me curious,
I've been learning 'Survival stuff' ever since, life is a learning process.

If anyone asks I am quite happy to tell them my credentials for writing stuff about survival, I purposely haven't splashed them all over here so that my friends and colleagues can't take the mickey out of me by saying that I'm 'bigging them up'.

For now if you want to know more about me and what I do please feel free to visit my websites.

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The pages here are building into a full course of survival information so please feel free to add, follow, share or whatever applies so that you can stay up-to-date with the information here.

If there are any particular survival subjects that you would like me to concentrate on first then by all means let me know.

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  1. Survival Blog Layout
    All of the survival information will be on this site.
    A lot of the thing with developing this site is how to organise it.
    As I learn more and more the information you want should be easier and easier to find.
    The PRIORITIES of survival are Protection, Location, Food and Water in that order (That is another thing that will be explained on here) Therefore the layout of this blog should surely reflect that - what I mean by that is that each of the main subjects will form the main sections of this blog.
    Pages within the blog will deal with different aspects of the main subjects or will be put into a 'Survival Theory - General' section.
    There will also be an 'Admin' section for pages like this.
    Please, if you can think of a better way to lay out this blog feel free to get in touch with me and tell me through either of my websites - http:www.lakeoftheheart.co.uk OR http://www.activity-holidays.net


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